RYSrecords (Rock Your Soul Records) was developed for the soul purpose to find, promote and develop artists that have the ability to touch your soul with the music they write and perform. RYS Records is uniquely positioned to help talented artists create and promote their music. Our association with a major CD/DVD manufacturer, printing, fulfillment web and marketing design company, Evatone, Inc. in Clearwater, FL enables us to provide support in ways that other labels simply can't. We help to promote our artists, manufacture their products and get their names out to the world at large through a strong web presence. Check back often to see our latest list of new artists.

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 Buck Finley


 Restless Wind Band


"Gone To Damn Far"


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This is Buck's first major release in nearly two decades.  We at RYS records hope you enjoy his unique mixture of southern rock, country and blues.  His distinct story lines and lyrics
definitely set him apart from most.  We hope you enjoy!

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 Al "Coffee" McDaniel

New-School Soul Music" is how to best describe AL "Coffee" McDaniel. His various styles will remind you of Barry White, Marvin Gaye, and Frank Sinatra all wrapped-up into one voice. He effectively mixes R & B, Blues, NEO-Soul, and Jazz melodies with cool modern urban beats. His rich baritone voice is very smooth and soothing to the ear. The emotions, passions, and energy that he expresses with his voice, and his soulful guitar riffs, makes him unique as a crooner, and as a seasoned musician. His Jazzy, Bluesy, and Original guitar playing style makes it very difficult to limit his music to just one category, or genre.

AL “Coffee” McDaniel effectively takes the concepts and grooves from the funk-dance music of the 80’s and blending it with the urban and neo-soul sounds of today.

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